2015 was our first year of Best Buddies and one we will never forget!  Our team road 100 miles and Max & Mama walked the 5K.  We shared lots of laughs & tears and made some new friends! Most importantly, #TeamMaximus raised over$12,000! 

Maximus Normandin

Nick Normandin


Max was born on March 6, 2015 and has Down Syndrome. His smile is contagious and he gives nothing but love. Max is the reason this amazing team was created, he makes life better!
Nick is Max's dad. The BB Ride started as a birthday gift for Nick from Max for his love of cycling. Nick also enjoys trail running & hiking with his pups & family, swimming and CrossFit.

Tiffany Normandin
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Tiffany is Max's mom. Aside from time with Max, Tiffany also enjoys CrossFit, cooking & outside time with her family and 2 dogs.
Tiffany will be running the 5K with Max & Maddox!

Noah is Max's uncle. Noah participated in the team's first BB ride because of his passion for biking. Noah also enjoys Mt Biking, hiking and photography.
Noah Normandin


Kathy Hayward
Kathy is like a family member to the Normandins. She has been in their lives for many years. Kathy participated in the team's first BB ride and also enjoys running, swimming & CrossFit.

Lorie Landry
Lorie is a friend of the Normandins. Lorie participated in the team's first BB ride. She also enjoys running & working out.


Chris Landry


Chris is a friend of the Normandins and also participated in the team's first BB ride. Chris is an avid cyclist and is a great team leader!

Jodie Nickerson

Bethany Molter



Jodie is a friend of the Normandins. She has been participating in BB for years and has joined our team after completing the last 20 miles with us last year! Jodie is a great all around athlete and has many medals from the Special Olympics!
When Jodie Rose was born, I was determined to make sure she did not have the same experiences through school and life like my sister had in the 60's and 70's. My sister had disabilities, her classroom was in the basement of the school, the class was picked on, they were not included with the rest of the school, and my parents kept her at home otherwise. When Jodie Rose started school, we fought for inclusion in the classrooms. The school system didn't have a Best Buddies program. But we were lucky to have had some awesome teachers, and Jodie Rose started participating in the Special Olympics at the age of 4. Her three sisters were in sports also, and by the time high school came, she was welcomed by their teams/friends. We were lucky to have this. Supporting Best Buddies programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities ensures a better quality of life!! For everyone!!!

Best Buddies International is the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of people with IDD. Their programs help people with IDD form meaningful friendships with their peers, secure successful jobs, live independently, improve public speaking, self-advocacy and communication skills, and feel valued by society.
Paul Murphy

Paul met the Normandins many years ago as a member of their gym and through cycling. He has brings many fundraising ideas to the team as well as his organization! Paul is a great advocate for Best Buddies!
Sue Cornwall

Sue met the Normandins when she began training with Nick.  Sue has been an amazing support system for the family and loves Max to pieces! She is great contributor to the team's fundraising committee!
Jim Jacques

Jim has been training with the team since 2015 and is a great leader on our outdoor training rides, always planning amazing routes!  
Paul Normandin

Paul, AKA "Spud" is Maximus's grandfather! He introduced cycling to Nick & Noah and it has now become a family heritage! 
Jenny has known Maximus since the day he was born!  She has been along side his journey every step of the way.  
Ericka has been a good friend of the Normandins for many years! She has trained along side the team each winter particpating in the indoor bike classes hosted by Max's dad Nick.